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“We received our masterpiece and we can not express how beautiful it is.

It took our breath away.

We are elated to have a recreation of a painting that we could only have dreamed about”

Marc Tissot

( Descendent of the artist James Tissot )

“We received our painting yesterday and I wanted to drop you a note to tell you how pleased we are with it.

It truly is a beautiful piece of art. It arrived in perfect condition thanks to the excellent packing job your people did.

We also appreciate the concern you’ve shown for our satisfaction and the professional manner in which you conduct your business – from letting us know when it shipped to suggesting local framing shops.

You’ve won us over and I’m sure we’ll be using your services again. I hope you’ll let the artist know how thrilled we are with the painting. They have a real gift and should be proud.

We can’t seem to stop looking at it. It will be a cherished part of our home from now on. Again – thank you.”

Mr T.S., Fargo, US

” I received the painting today and words cannot describe how pleased I am with it. It truly is a masterpiece.

Even the framer, which you recommended, was quite taken with it and asked where I acquired the piece.

My wife will be thrilled. The hardest part now is keeping it a secret until our anniversary. Thank you once again. ”

Mr W.A., VA, US

“The painting has been framed and is hanging on my wall as I type. It is absolutely fantastic – the work far exceeded my expectations. I’m more than willing to start commissioning the other works I originally requested information about. Again, thank you very much for your time and the superb painting. If the work I receive from you continues to be of this quality, I’ll be a dedicated patron for years to come !”

Mr.M.M, Birmingham, AL, US

“I am pleased to inform you that the painting of “Bonaparte on the Arcole Bridge” arrived yesterday. It is amazing! The artist who recreated this masterpiece is nothing less than brilliant. I am very impressed by your company, services, and last but not least – the quality.

Once again thank you for your care and professionalism, and I look forward to doing business again with your company. Your quality is beyond reproach.”

Mr V.R., New Jersey, US

“The picture came today and my husband loved it ! I do not need it stretched and framed to know what a wonderful piece of art it is.

I would love to own an original Pannini, but both cost and size would be a major problem! Not to mention they are never for sale.

This is the next best thing and again, it is a wonderful copy.

I hope we can do business again in the future.”

Mrs L.A.,Hawaii

I would like to thank you for the true pleasure it was from start to finish for this transaction.

From the outset, I was hesitant to commission a painting online; however, after a great deal of research, I concluded that your company would be the best.

This was based on your willingness to show different completed reproductions online, and your prompt and helpful replies to my repeated inquiries.

From a business perspective, the transaction was easy, secure, fast, and completely pressure free. There were no high pressure sales efforts. The artwork spoke for itself. I appreciated this immensely.

Moreover, you were more than accommodating to my truncated time schedule, and delivered on every promise.

As for the painting itself, I am pleasantly surprised at both the accuracy of the reproduction as well as the artist’s ability to capture the overall feeling of the painting.

The smallest details and proportions were captured, which was remarkable considering the painting was scaled.

Consider me duly impressed. I look forward to commissioning another painting from you in the near future, and I am thrilled beyond measure at having discovered your website and your company.

Mr P.K. Los Angeles

“Received painting and it looks great ! Framing today. Thanks.”

Mr R.J, Houston

The painting was wonderful. I was very excited to receive it. We will do business again ! Thank you !”

Mr.D F, SC, US

Thank you for all your assistance with the painting. It is comforting to know that respectable businessmen and businesses still exist today.

Again, thank you for outstanding customer service throughout this entire process!

Mr R.R, Norfolk,

The painting arrived this morning and is already at a frame shop. I am very impressed !

You get my vote both for communication during the process and for the quality of the final product. Bravo!”

Mr J.B. NJ, US

We are thrilled as to how the work came out. It looks even more amazing after framing.

Prior to framing the work, we flew out to NY on holiday and stopped by the Frick Collection to see the original work.

Our appreciation for the job the artist did on our reproduction was increased tenfold as we could see firsthand the level of precision that went into creating a truly accurate reproduction of the painting.

It seems as though we gain a new appreciation for the work every time we see it.

I cannot thank you enough. We will order from you again

Mr & Mrs P.K, Los Angeles

“I wish to again express my sincere thanks for your assistance and my great pleasure with the resulting work…

It is truly a treasure for us and will certainly become a heirloom to be cherished by future generations of our family.

I am certain that we will utilize your services in the future.”

Mr P.T., Connecticut

Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose

“The paintings have indeed arrived and they are glorious !

Thank you so much; please praise the artist on our behalf.”

Ms.L.M. CT, US

“To the painting itself, my initial reaction is that I am delighted. It certainly is in the Cuyp style and is very pleasing indeed…a lovely painting that amply satisfies my love of Cuyp.

There will be a real test when a Cuyp expert comes over for Christmas. I am sure that he will think it lovely !

I was very reticent about commissioning a work via the internet…I am pleased at the result and the path getting there ; that is your prompt service throughout.”

Mr D.R. NSW, Australia

“The painting arrived today and it is wonderful … much better than I expected.

I’ll never buy another poster !”

Mr M.S., NJ, US

“The painting was delivered last week and I saw it on Thursday.

I am very happy indeed ! It is an extremely good likeness, even better than I had hoped in fact.

Everyone who has seen it has been very struck !”

Mr C.E., Barrow, UK


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